Social Media Policy Disclaimer

Site Disclaimer
Each county administered social media site/account must place the following disclaimer on all sites:

Disclaimer Notification: County administered social media accounts are not a traditional public forum, as comparable to a public street or park. While the county invites public participation, county administered social media sites are a limited public forum subject to monitoring. Published/posted content determined to contain any of the follow is subject to rejection, removal, or being hidden from view:
1. Off subject or out of context
2. Obscene or prurient in nature
3. Personal identification or sensitive personal information
4. Offensive terms targeting protected classes
5. Intimidating, threatening, harassing, or discriminatory
6. Incites or promotes violence or illegal activities
7. Compromises individual or public safety
8. Advertises or promotes a product or services, either commercial, individual or entity
9. Promotes or endorses political organizations, campaigns, or candidates
10. Copyright or trademark infringement

Violation of this policy may result in the offending user being restricted and/or banned from use of the county administered social media site impacted. Use of county administered social media sites constitutes agreement by the user to abide by the terms of this disclaimer. Visitors to County administered social media sites have no expectation of privacy. Posted content does not constitute agreement or endorsement by the County, or its departments, agencies, offices, or units.