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Employer Services

Perry JFS can assist employers in meeting the changing needs of their business by assisting in the recruitment, training, and retention of skilled workers. We can add your job openings to our weekly job leads, post it on our bulletin board, and/or post it on  OhioMeansJobs┬«. We can handle the application process for you. Leave your applications with our staff for potential employees to pick up and drop off until you are ready for the applications. We can also assist you with scheduling interviews and provide you with a space to conduct your interviews.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program (WOTC) provides Ohio employers with a federal tax credit when they hire individuals from certain target groups of disadvantaged job seekers.

PRC - Prevention Retention Contingency Plan / SEP - Subsidized Employment Plan

What is Subsidized Employment?

Subsidized employment means jobs for which the employer receives a subsidy from public funds to offset some or all of the costs of employing an individual. The participant is paid wages and receives the same benefits as any other employee doing similar work. Through the Perry County PRC-Subsidized Employment Plan (SEP) participants can obtain the skill sets necessary to fill the jobs that are available and are being created in this economy. SEP is a type of training that is provided by an employer to a participant. During the training, the participant is engaged in productive work in a job for which he or she is paid, and the training provides knowledge or skills necessary to the perform the job. Employers must commit to hire and retain the participant at the end of a successful training period. SEP activities support the development of a workforce with skills that meet the needs of employers and provide additional training options for workers and employers. SEP provides an incentive to employers to hire individuals and invest in their skill development, and trainees can earn a wage as they learn. It is a critical tool that helps job seekers enter successful employment.

What can Perry County JFS do for my business?
Perry County JFS will provide the PRC applications to all applicants in your company. Eligibility determination will be made by a PCJFS caseworker. The applicant must meet TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Guidelines in order to be eligible for the PRC-SEP Program. If eligibility is met, the applicant will be provided a Notice of Approval from our agency indicating such eligibility. Once the employer has gone through the interview/hiring process internally, a contract between the employer and the employee will be signed and submitted to PCJFS for the Directors Signature and records. Perry County JFS will also provide outreach for job openings such as postings on OhioMeansJobs, flyers on Facebook and our Website, marketing materials posted on our internal job boards, and weekly jobs lead packets. In addition, Perry JFS can accommodate space for Open Interviews.