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Agency Contacts

Perry County Job and Family Services
212 South Main Street
PO Box 311
New Lexington, Ohio 43764
Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm
Perry JFS
P: 740-342-3551 or 800-551-3551
F: 740-342-5491

Perry CSEA
P: 740-342-2278
F: 740-342-5509
Perry JFS Director
Cheryl Boley
Phone: 740-342-3552
Email: Cheryl.Boley@jfs.ohio.gov

Perry JFS Assistant Director
Mendra Hupp
Phone: 740-342-3553
Email: Mendra.Hupp@jfs.ohio.gov

Perry JFS Program Administrator/Human Resources Officer
Brenda Newell
Phone: 740-342-3555
Email: Brenda.Newell04@jfs.ohio.gov

Director of Educational Opportunities
David Hansen
Phone 740-721-0673
Email: David.Hansen@jfs.ohio.gov

Fiscal Officer
Dan Stanton
Phone: 740-721-0686
Email: Dan.Stanton@jfs.ohio.gov

Fiscal Officer
Kendra Wilson
Phone 740-721-0683
Email: Kendra.Wilson@jfs.ohio.gov

Fiscal Officer
Lori Hollingshead
Phone 740-342-0657
Email: Lori.Hollinghead@jfs.ohio.gov
Family and Children First Council
Kendra Warthman
Phone 740-721-4551
Email: Kendra.Warthman@jfs.ohio.gov

Supervisor Transit/WEP Sites
Debra Smith
Phone: 740-342-2810
Email: Debra.smith@jfs.ohio.gov

Supervisor Transit/WEP Sites
Chris Russell
Phone: 740-342-2810
Email: Christopher.Russell@jfs.ohio.gov

Supervisor Transit/WEP Sites
Anita McCabe
Phone: 740-342-2810
Email: Anita.McCabe@jfs.ohio.gov

Mason Dickerson
Phone 740-342-0658
Email: Mason.Dickerson@jfs.ohio.gov

Transit Maintenance
Eric Wright
Phone 740-342-2810
Email: Eric.Wright@jfs.ohio.gov
740-342-3551 OPTION 2 for
Long Term Care, Waiver or Nursing Home

740-342-3551 OPTION 3 for

740-342-3551 Option 4 for
Public Assistance, Cash and Food

Assistant Program Administrator
Karen Dickerson
Phone: 740-721-0661
Email: Karen.Dickerson@jfs.ohio.gov

OWF Eligibility Referral Specialist
Tammy Corp
Phone: 740-721-0659
Email: Tamara.Corp@jfs.ohio.gov

Eligibility Referral Specialist
Angie Rose
Phone: Option 4
Email: Angie.Rose@jfs.ohio.gov

Eligibility Referral Specialist
Debbie Morgan
Phone: Option 4
Email: Deborah.Morgan@jfs.ohio.gov

Eligibility Referral Specialist
Brooke Haberkamp
Phone: Option 4
Email: Brooke.Haberkamp@jfs.ohio.gov

Eligibility Referral Specialist
Stacey Cannon
Phone: Option 4
Email: Stacey.Cannon@jfs.ohio.gov
Eligibility Referral Specialist
Michelle Skeenes
Phone: Option 4
Email: Michelle.Skeenes@jfs.ohio.gov

Eligibility Referral Specialist
Diane Thompson
Phone: Option 4
Email: Diane.Thompson@jfs.ohio.gov

Eligibility Referral Specialist
Tuesday Metger
Phone: Option 4
Email: Tuesday.Metzger@jfs.ohio.gov

Eligibility Referral Specialist
Cindy McClain
Phone: Option 4
Email: Cynthia.McClain@jfs.ohio.gov

Eligibility Referral Specialist
Darcy Ogden
Phone: Option 4
Email: Darcy.Ogden@jfs.ohio.gov

Eligibility Referral Specialist
Holli Eversole
Phone: Option 4
Email: Holli.Eversole@jfs.ohio.gov

Adult Nursing Home Eligibility Referral Specialist
Amy Davisson
Phone: 740-721-0660
Email: Amy.Davisson@jfs.ohio.gov
740-342-3551 OPTION 5 for
Work Assignments, WIOA or Work Support

740-342-3551 OPTION 6 for
Non-Emergency Transportation

740-342-3551 OPTION 8 for APS

Assistant Program Administrator
Tamara Goniea
Phone: 740-342-3556
Email: Tamara.Goniea@jfs.ohio.gov

Public Information Specialist
Angela McCord
Phone: 740-721-0676
Email: Angela.Mccord@jfs.ohio.gov

Adult Protective Services Worker /
Social Services Worker

Chelsie Schultheis
Phone: 740-721-0684
Email: Chelsie.Schultheis@jfs.ohio.gov

Adult Protective Services Worker /
Social Services Worker
Dylana Green
Phone: 740-721-0068
Email: Dylana.Green@jfs.ohio.gov
Social Services Worker / WIOA
Kindra Baker
Phone: 740-721-0652
Email: Kindra.Baker@jfs.ohio.gov

Social Services Worker / WIOA
Ashley Hennen
Phone: 740-721-0070
Email: Ashley.Hennen@jfs.ohio.gov

Social Services Worker
Lisa Eing
Phone: 740-721-0671
Email: Lisa.Eing@jfs.ohio.gov

Social Services Worker

Kim Finck
Phone: 740-721-0658
Email: Kimily.Finck@jfs.ohio.gov

Social Services Worker

Taylor German
Phone: 740-721-0675
Email: Taylor.German@jfs.ohio.gov
Phone: 740-342-2278
Fax: 740-342-5509

Michelle Monty
Phone: 740-342-5506
Email: Michelle.Monty@jfs.ohio.gov

Interstate, Paternity & No Order Case Manager
Geneva Heavener
Phone: 740-721-0667
Email: Geneva.Heavener@jfs.ohio.gov

Unit Support Worker
Toni Buchanan
Phone: 740-342-5510
Email: Toni.Buchanan@jfs.ohio.gov

800-860-2555 - Voice Response              
800-686-1556 - State Complaint              
800-503-1283 - CSEA Quick Pay               
800-860-2555 - Automated CSEA Payment 
740-342-1118 - Juvenile Court                 
740-342-1204 - Common Pleas                 
740-342-1022 - Clerk Of Courts
Hearing Officer
William Flautt
Phone 740-721-0693
Email: william.flautt@jfs.ohio.gov

Obligor Caseworker (A-H & T-Z)

Keena Eltringham
Phone: 740-721-0662
Email: Keena.Eltringham@jfs.ohio.gov

Obligor Caseworker (I-S)
Laurie Mohler
Phone: 740-721-0677
Email: Laurie.Mohler@jfs.ohio.gov
Region 8 Mobility Solutions Center

Mobility Manager
Lisa Leckrone
Phone: 740-342-5423
Email: Melissa.Leckrone@jfs.ohio.gov

Unit Support Worker - NET
Patti Heavener
Phone: 740-721-0668
Email: Patricia.Heavener@jfs.ohio.gov

Unit Support Worker - NET
Betsy Myers
Phone: 740-721-0680
Email: Elizabeth.Myers@jfs.ohio.gov

Mobility Solutions Specialist
Megan Wright
Phone: 740-721-0069
Email: Megan.Wright@jfs.ohio.gov