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Cash Assistance Ohio Works First (OWF)
Ohio Works First was established to provide time-limited cash assistance to eligible families through Ohio’s temporary Assistance to Needy Families program, which emphasizes employment, personal responsibility and self-sufficiency. Applications are processed at county departments of job and family services, and cash assistance is provided to eligible families for up to 36 months. For child-only cases, there are no time limits for cash assistance.

Each county agency develops its own policies for hardship and good cause extensions. After a 36-month time limit, cash assistance is not available unless the county agency approves an extension. A family may apply for a hardship extension at any time after its 36-month time limit has ended. A family may apply for a good cause extension after a 24-month waiting period following the 36-month time limit.

OWF Work Requirements
ALL adults/heads of household receiving cash assistance (OWF) will be required to participate in a jobs activity. The type of jobs activity and the number of hours per month required of OWF participants varies based on a number of factors. Questions regarding OWF work requirements should be directed to Tammy Corp at (740) 721-0659.

Who is eligible?
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Who is not eligible?
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How much are payments?
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How can I apply for Ohio Works First?
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Please click here to contact your eligibility referral specialist directly with questions regarding your benefits.  You may also contact the Perry JFS Call Center at (740) 342-3551 Option 4 for more assistance with the application process, making changes to your case, or transferring a case into or out of Perry County
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