Perry County Pandemic Relief Grant

Statement from Cheryl Boley, Director, Perry County Job and Family Services, on the Completion of Pandemic Relief Grant Program

I am pleased to announce the successful administration and now completion of the Perry County Job and Family Services’s Pandemic Relief Grant program. This program allowed for distribution of COVID-19 related disaster assistance directly to eligible Perry County families. Although newly issued Federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funding covered $78,000 of the program, at least another $239,000 has to be taken from other spending categories.

With applications accepted through 3 P.M. today, April 10, so far this program has reached over 634 Perry County families and shared $317,000 in relief. For many families who suffered unexpected job loss due to the pandemic, the funding was critical to the transition from work to unemployment. As program funding comes to a close, we are encouraged by steps that our federal and state governments have taken to see that our citizens come through this pandemic prepared to return to normal lives.

Many services are in place intended to provide support through this crisis. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is beginning to address the challenges of massive and sudden unemployment claims, and benefit checks substantially larger than traditional payments are beginning to flow. The U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service announced on March 30 that direct stimulus payments to families will begin to arrive within the next 3 weeks. The Federal Payroll Protection Program started on April 3, and small businesses now have a chance to financial support to keep paychecks on their way to people. In addition, I encourage residents to call 844-640-6446 to explore their eligibility for SNAP and Medicaid assistance to help further bridge any gaps they may be experiencing.

Our common goal is to return. Return to our jobs, return to our families, return to our social lives, return to normal. As we move forward, know we are here to assist you with all of life’s intersections on your road back to normal. Be safe and be well.